Student Travel Insurance

Protect yourself from unexpected expenses.

Planning on studying abroad?

Are you a student touring or studying away from home? Depending on the package you choose, a travel insurance plan for students provides you with emergency medical coverage, trip cancellation options, 24/7 hotline assistance, and emergency medical transportation. For example, say you missed your connection flight which then left you stranded for a night without a hotel room or your luggage. Oh, you also got food poisoning from some bad airport food. Thankfully, you purchased travel insurance before you departed. Your insurance plan covers the missed flight and reimburses you for any expenses resulting from the delay, refunds you for the hotel room and accommodations for your overnight stay, and pays for you to see a doctor to treat your dehydration. Protection from these travel and medical emergencies allows you to rest easier and enjoy your travel experience more.

When your education provides you the opportunity to restore a coral reef in Bali, unearth a lost Mayan city in Mexico, participate in archaeological fieldwork in Montana, or to simply explore a foreign land, don't forget the valuable benefits student travel insurance offers.