Travel Insurance

Protect yourself from unexpected expenses.

Shopping for travelers insurance?

Planning a trip? Put travel insurance on your checklist. TravelerFinancial™ travel insurance allows you to relax and enjoy your vacation knowing that you are safeguarded from the unexpected. Our comprehensive travel insurance covers trip cancellation, accidents (including rental cars), medical emergencies, lost luggage, theft, and many other snafus that may pop up during your journey.

Travel insurance is available for family vacations, business trips, cruises, and group outings. Insurance rates are surprisingly affordable, and when a trip-ruining situation arises, you'll be glad you're prepared!

The time and money you spend traveling is an investment. Protect it with travel insurance through TravelerFinancial™.

Purchase travel insurance for a specific trip or for the whole year today.

What does travel insurance cover?
Travel insurance can cover all costs related to trip cancellation, lost luggage, medical expenses (including evacuation), car accidents, and more. Your coverage level will depend upon which plan you select.
Are medical expenses still insured if I travel internationally?
Yes, this is one of the main benefits of purchasing travel insurance. Medicare (and some private insurance companies) do not cover health related expenses if incurred outside of the US. Purchasing international travel insurance can insure your health and safety, no matter where you are.
Does travel insurance cover serious injury or loss of life, similar to life insurance?
Yes, travel insurance plans are available that, in essence, are a temporary life insurance policy. Multiple coverage levels are available to choose from.