Vacation Home Mortgages

Get cash to finance a vacation home.

Buying a second home or vacation home?

Traveler Financial provides access to low rate vacation home mortgages. Whether you are looking to purchase a private retreat or to utilize a vacation home as a source of rental income, a second home mortgage or line of credit on your primary residence makes your real estate investment possible.

When applying for vacation home financing, your debt-to-income ratio is a factor for loan qualification. Borrowers can offset this ratio if the vacation property to be purchased has rental income potential. Debt-to-income ratio is particularly important for borrowers with bad credit. It is wise to buy a second home in a desirable location with convenient transportation options for potential renters. Vacation homes with a proven track record of rental income can also speed up the loan preapproval process.

How to save on vacation home financing? With a down payment, you will get better rates and will have lower monthly payments for your vacation home. Either a line of credit or second mortgage on your primary residence is a good source of funding for a down payment. Mortgage interest, property taxes, and other costs associated with your second home are also tax deductible further increasing your investment savings.

Are you ready to invest in a vacation home? Get preapproved for a vacation home loan today with assistance from Traveler Financial.

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